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Wild Side Installation

The Wild Side sex swing is a dual hook swing and that means you will be required to supply two mounting points for the swing. There are a number of options for doing this including a ceiling mount and a swing stand. Check out our 7 ways to install a sex swing for more ideas on this.

For the Wild Side swing, mounting points should be 24 to 40 inches wide for a standard 8 foot ceiling. 40 to 50 inches wide for a 10ft ceiling. In general, wider is more comfortable but remember if you are installing this in your ceiling you will be limited by the positions of ceiling joists. If you are unsure how to do this, hire a professional or choose a different installation method.

Installing the swing

From your mounting points, connect the included springs. From the springs attach the ends of the main long straps to form the seat and back support. Connect one stirrup to each spring.

If you need additional length or your swing is too high, there are optional straps included to add more length. Connect the D-ring of the additional strap to the springs and connect the swing straps to the carabiner.

If you have a very high ceiling, you may need to purchase lengths of chain from your local hardware store.