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Trinity Vibes Sex Swing Review

Among the lower priced carriers on the market at a suggested retail of $140.95. As with all our swings, you can pick it up on for around $100 with free shipping in the USA.

For being priced on the low end, this is a good sex swing. There is really no need to spend the money on more expensive swings that can range in price from $150-$180.

The Trinity Vibes Sex Swing is versatile and will do dozens of positions as seen in our sex swing position guide.

The main drawbacks to this sex swing and well just about every sex swing is the padding on the straps. With only 2 inch webbing the little padding that they put on them is not much and will make your butt hurt after a while. If you use this sex swing for a couple of minutes and are done, no big deal, but if you want to have a marathon session in this swing, you will get a sore butt. 

The other think I do not like is the overall length of the sex swing. I have only tried it on 7 foot and 8 foot ceiling, but I do not feel it will be low enough on an 8 ½ or 9 foot ceiling which are common in a lot of fancy expensive homes. Also with a standard 9 foot ceiling, It would be nice if you could get it about a foot lower so you could use this sex swing for some face sitting or queening if that is what you are into. We have made an additional chain which can be purchase separately or you can pick some up at Home Depot to make the swing go up to a foot lower to the ground.

Overall, it you are looking for a good swing and a good time, this is a great sex swing to start with.

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