Sex Swing Springs are NOT just for Suspension

drawbar springWell over the last few weeks I have heard of several accidents with sex swings. These are things like them being ripped from the ceiling or breaking free from the freestanding swing stand.

Now there are a lot of reasons this can happen that involve poor installation, but one factor that has played into this more than once is the spring.

Ever notice how all these sex swings come with large springs? I know that in some cases, people leave out the spring during installation. They may do this for something as simple as wanting the swing to be higher if they have a lower ceiling.

Well, let me tell you, the spring in a sex swing is NOT just for suspension.

Time for a quick physics lesson. We have all been in the car when someone slams on the brakes. You feel pressed forward into the seat belt. When someone stops slow, you do not feel this effect. If you get in a car accident and stop extremely fast, you may even get bruises on your chest.

The reason for this is the basic idea of Force equals Mass times Acceleration. To put it simply – the more the Acceleration (or deceleration), The greater the force.

Now if you go from 60mph to 0 in 100 feet, you must be stopping a lot quicker then if you went 60mph to 0 in 1,000 feet, thus the force would be much greater.

Now when looking at the sex swing and the magic spring. When you bounce on the swing, you are moving downward – but the swing brings you to a stop as the spring stretch. It may stretch 4-6 inches. This lowers the force on the hook in the ceiling because you are stopping over a longer distance. If you remove the spring and you bounce on the sex swing, your downward movement stops in 0 inches. This means the deceleration is much greater than with the spring. Many times more force is applied to the hook. Over time this added force will rip your hook from the ceiling or sex swing stand and potentially lead to injury.

So I strongly recommend you NEVER install your sex swing without the spring. The spring is there for your safety.



Abby Woods February 24, 2012