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Lag Eye Hook Screw Mount

Most people think of the Lag Eye Hook Screw when thinking about mounting a sex swing.┬áMany people ask what they need to buy. You can go to the hardware store and getting the Lag Hook that has a 3″ deep screw. The longer, the better. Because a shallow screw will pull out of the joist. If you can find one with a welded eye, it will be much stronger and have a much higher weight rating. So this is why we recommend something like this stainless steel cast piece on Amazon. It will have a weight limit many times higher than the unwelded eye at your local hardware.

You want to make sure your eye hook screw is in the center of the joist and totally straight. Use a lead hole when placing this screw.

When using any swing remember ALWAYS use your spring. The spring helps to dampen the impact of the use of the sex swing directly on the mounting point.

Here is an example of what a Lag Eye Hook Screw looks like. They will run a couple of bucks at the hardware store. Make sure you check the weight bearing allowance.

Lag Eye Hook Screw

There are a few other types of mounting options that work as well such as this tie down mounting plate.

Why does my swing not come with a screw?

We get this question a LOT. Well, some do. Some do not. It depends on the brand. It really just comes down to there being a lot of options. If you get a screw, it is like saying that this is the way you need to install your swing. As mentioned above there are many methods and none is better, they are all just different. Plus there are even more cases such as people with concrete ceilings and that requires yet another kind of anchor.

So for us, it is better if we just teach people about all of the different choices they have and let them choose how to install their swing in their situation.