Hit the center of the joist!

Well there are a lot of sites out there that show you how to find a ceiling joist or a wall stud. This is important to installing a sex swing, but it is not everything. The fact is that we are not hanging curtains or a picture…. we are hanging a person. Last thing we want is to get hurt.

So in this video below, we look at this a little closer. Once you find your ceiling joist, it is extremely important not to just hit the joist, but hit the very center of the joist. If you hit off center of the ceiling joist or are not total square, the wood may split and make a very weak hold. Since the joist is behind drywall, you may not even be aware of this until it is too late and someone get hurt.

So below we show you our recommended procedure for drilling very small test holes to find the exact location of the joist so you can identify the center and then to quickly patch the extra holes so your ceiling does not look all messed up.

These extra couple steps are very much worth it if you want to use your sex swing safely.

Abby Woods May 30, 2013