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7 Ways to Install Your Swing

The top question everyone seems to have about sex swings is how to install it and even more, how to install one in a way that you do not have to explain the ceiling hook to your mother-in-law. Here are seven ways that I mount them.

7 Swing Installation Options

Installing your sex swing can be pretty simple and straightforward, but I know that one of the biggest concerns for many people is what to tell people about the ceiling hook. Well, the good news is that there are many ways to install one and the ceiling hook, while the most common, it is certainly not alone and in many cases not even the best option.

If at the end of all this you still feel like the ceiling hook is your best option, the best advice I can give you is to “own it”. No need for excuses or games. There are hundreds of thousands of houses around the country with hooks in their ceilings. Everyone who has babies has sex and everyone around them knows this. So just own it. When we started this business more than 10 years ago, it was always difficult to tell people what we did for a living. Now, we do not hesitate, we tell everyone. Small town religious people, business people, people in all types of different countries, etc. And so far, nobody cares. Sex is life.

So now that we have that out of the way, I am going to start with my list of installation methods. In this list, you should find something that works for just about every situation and if not, let us know and we will help you solve your problems. It should be noted that all 7 of these methods will work with a dual hook swing such as the Screamer, but only 3 work well with a single hook swing.

  1. The eye hook


Eye hook screw

Installing your swing with an eye hook is a very common method. Some swings come with a hook in the box, some do not. Do not let that be a deciding factor in your swing purchase. You can pick up an eye hook if needed at Home Depot or Lowes but I prefer not to use them anyway. When it comes to eye hooks, I do not even normally recommend a normal eye hook. This is because the weakest part of the eye hook is not where it screws into the wood (if you do it right) but instead the risk of the eye loop itself bending. When you are in Home Depot, look at the weight limits of the eye hooks and they will be surprisingly low. If you are able to find an eye hook with a welded loop, it will be many times stronger such as this one on Amazon. This is what you are looking for but it is not as easy to find and it is not even included in most swings. Most include the unwelded type. So typically I like to use the tie-down anchors. These usually have a welded ring of some type secured by multiple screws. This welded ring is much stronger.

Tie-down bracket

If you are not 100% confident in your abilities, we strongly recommend hiring a contractor or handyman to do this installation for you. It should not cost much.

If you go with this approach, you can own it and tell everybody what your hooks are for, or you can come up with excuses like it is a plant holder. Either way, this is the most common method.

  • Sex Swing Stand
  • Swing Set Sex Swing Stand
    Screamer Swing Stand

    Sex swing stands are the second most common method of putting up a swing. The major drawbacks are the cost and the size. Depending on the which one you purchase it can range from a couple hundred to several hundred dollars. Stands have a lot of appeal for apartment dwellers or others that can't install a ceiling hook. They are also big for party-goers that love to have a portable swing solution. It important to consider size. When you travel to hotel rooms or you live in an apartment, floor space can be limited. These normally take a 6 or 7-foot square depending on what one you choose. All specs are listed on this website. And like all Screamer swings, the Screamer sex swing stand also comes with a bag.

  • Chin up Bar
  • chin up bar sex swing mount
    Portable chin up bar

    One of the quickest and most discreet ways to hang a sex swing is to use a chin-up bar that can be purchased for about $20. Here it is on Amazon. With this technique, you purchase a chin-up bar and replace the 2 bolts that are connecting the main bar to the door brackets with eye hooks. This is a favorite installation method for me, especially when traveling. For me, I am not a huge door sex swing fan, and many hotel rooms do not have the space required for a stand. So this is where the chin up bar is great. This solution does have some drawbacks. First, usually, the chin-up bar will have a lower weight limit such as 200 pounds. Additionally, hanging it from the door frame will make the swing much lower. If you have a swing that does not have a huge range of adjustability, it may be too low.

  • Beam Mounts
  • Sex Swing Beam Mount
    Beam mount strap

    Beam mounts are something I always carry with me. They are not nearly as versatile as some of the other methods but they have some creative uses. Beam mounts are straps that can hang over exposed beams. Obviously, most homes do not have exposed beams, but those with vaulted sealings or industrial spaces, this could be the go to. I carry beam mounts with me all the time because they are perfect if you are into outdoor installations. This could be a tree limb or a beam on a patio or gazebo

  • Door to Door Installation
    Sex Swing Door Mounts

     A door to door installation only works if you have a dual hook sex swing and you are lucky enough to have a hallway with 2 doors located directly across from each other. I have been fortunate to have a couple of places where this option worked and it gives you a very wide seat in your swing and thus very comfortable. For this method, you need to purchase door mounts. These are the same door mounts that can be used to convert your swing to a door swing. All you need to do is to put a door mount over the top of a door and close it. Then directly across the hallway at the opposite door install the other door mount. This will give you your 2 mounting points for a dual hook swing.
  • Wall to Wall installation The wall to wall mount is very much like the door to door installation above. If you have a hallway or entryway that is 3 to 4 feet wide, you can install mounting points on the walls across from each other. You can use an eye hook if you want, but here I again prefer to use the tie down mounts. I go with this option because the hook will lay flat to the wall when not in use and then you can use that to hang pictures or art and completely hide your mounting points.
  • Door to Wall Installation When considering the door to door installation and the wall to wall installation, this is probably obvious but I mention it for completeness and some people will be so focused on the other listed options they would not consider this combination. For the door to wall installation, all you need is a door in a hallway across from a wall. Use one door mount on the door and install the tie-down hook on the opposing wall Then cover the wall hook with art.
  • Concrete Ceilings and Walls

    Concrete Anchor
    Swivel concrete Anchor for rock climbing

    There are a lot of people that have concrete ceilings or walls and many of the normal mounting options become a challenge. The easiest option is to select a chin-up bar mount or a stand, but that is not always desirable. With concrete, it is possible to install eye bolts in concrete walls or ceilings. To do this, however, you need to drill a hole with a special concrete drill bit and then set an anchor in the hole. This can make for a very strong mounting point, but many people do not have the skills or tools required.

    The good news is, this is a very small job and a carpenter or handyman should be able to help you with this for a very minimal cost.

    Professional Installation

    While problems with swings are rare, they can happen from time to time. The most common issue is the failure of your mounting point. If you are not 100% confident in your ability to install this safely, we recommend hiring a contractor or handyman. It will not cost very much because it is a quick job, but safety is important.