7 Ways to Install Your Sex Swing

The top question everyone seems to have about sex swings is how to install a swing and even more, how to install one in a way that you do not have to explain the ceiling hook to your mother-in-law. Here are seven ways that I mouunt my sex swings.


7 Swing Installation Options

#1 Direct Mount

Sex Swing Ceiling MountEveryone knows the direct ceiling mount method. With this approach, you can use an eye hook or a tiedown anchor and attach it directly to your ceiling. This way of mounting is the strongest and most practical method. It may not be for everyone because they are worried about having a hook in their ceiling and people seeing it, or they are living in a rental and not allowed to put anything in the ceiling. For me, this is a method I use a lot. I have at least 20 hooks in my ceiling between my house and shop… everyone knows what I do for a living, so hiding hooks is not a concern for me. To learn more about this method and best practices, check out our basic sex swing installation guide.

#2 Sex Swing Stand

Screamer Dual Hook and Stand comboThe swing stand is the second most popular option. Stands are strong, easy to hide and do not put holes in your ceiling. They do however take 6 to 7 feet of space on your floor so it may not fit in all bedrooms. Make sure to check all the stats listed on our sex swing stand comparison page. I have all of the stands; I often carry the Screamer Stand with me where ever I go. Due to size and weight, it is a little big and awkward, but a great option. It is not a “take it on an airplane” kind of thing, but more a “road trip to a hotel.” The other main drawback of this method is the cost. It is the most expensive option, but maybe you can think of some other uses for the stand as well to get your money’s worth…. bondage???

#3 The Chin Up Bar

chin up bar sex swing mountOf all the swing installation methods, I feel this is the most flexible. If I were traveling on an airplane and could take just one mount with me, this is the one I would grab. It is lightweight, compact, and works just about anywhere. The main drawback to this method is the lower weight limit you would have. Most chin up bars have a weight limit of about 200 pounds. This method works only with dual hook sex swings. Also, this option will be mounted a lot lower than a ceiling hook, so make sure the swing has a large enough range of adjustability. To make this work, just purchase a doorway chin up bar at just about any store and replace the bolts on the crossbar with eye hooks.

#4 Door to Door Mount

Mounting your sex swing in a hallway is an excellent idea. It is harder to find places you can use a hallway mount, but when I can find them, I use them. All hallway options only work with dual hooks, but they are nice and wide which maximizes comfort. If I were someplace that I could use a mounting point in a hallway vs. the chin up bar, I would choose this, no questions… because the width makes a huge difference. With the door to door mount option, you need to have two doors directly across a hallway from each other. You can use an over the door mount on each of the doors and install a dual hook swing between them.

#5 Wall to Wall Mount

The wall to wall mount is like the door to door mount above. The difference is you screw a mounting point into the wall. If you have the ability to do this, this could be stronger than the door to door option. Yes, you are screwing something into your wall, but unlike the ceiling mount, this is easy to hide. Just hang any piece of art, a clock or picture on the hooks in your wall and nobody will ever know. As with the door to door mounting option, this method will only work with dual hook swing. However, it is a very wide and comfortable mounting option. Installing mounting points on a wall is the same process as a ceiling mount.

#6 Door to Wall

Well, sometimes you do not have two doors across from each other in your hallway, so a door to wall option could work for you. It is just a combination of the options in #5 and #6 above. On one side used an over the door mount, and across the hallway at the same level install a hook in the wall and hide it with art. This method only works with a dual hook swing, but it is fun.

#7 Beam mount

A beam mount is a strap that you can hang over an exposed beam to mount a single or dual hook swing. The nice thing about the beam strap is it is very small and portable. This is a strap that always travels with me. Because these straps are so versatile you are not limited just to beams in your house. Take these straps any place you can hang from.  Think tree branches or between two trees, get creative!

If you have any more ideas on how to install your swing, please share it with us. We would love to add more to our list.