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Sex Swing Video Library

It's a fast-paced world, and if you are like me, you don't want to read through hundreds of pages of technical stuff to find what you want. Just give me a video and tell me what I need to know. Well here is our attempt to do just that. Of course in swings, there is a lot to know, but here we will try to condense things down to 4 short video playlists highlighting the critical issues related to buying a sex swing, installation, using a swing and product reviews.

These lists are not all inclusive and if there is something else you want to know, wander around our site a little and find many more informative videos about sex swing.

Sex Swing Buying Playlist

In this series of videos, we will try to cover everything you need to know to make the right buying decision in regards to your needs and swing. If this playlist does not answer all of your questions, check out our sex swing tutorial for even more in-depth information.


Sex Swing Review Videos

Here is the heart of it, reviews of the actual swings. These reviews are not a complete list. Many more products have video reviews embedded in their product listings in our store. This list is just the reviews of our best selling items.


Swing Installation Videos

Once you got your swing, it is time to install it. There are a lot of options that go way beyond the traditional ceiling hook. Find out what you need to install your swing and do it safely.


Videos About Using A Sex Swing

Time for some fun. This series of videos will help you with positions and accessories to get the most out of your swing. If you are looking for even more information, check out our difficult sex positions.