Top 6 Sex Swings

The Top 6 List

As I sat down to build this list of the top 6 sex swings for you, I decided to focus on the unique features of each swing and in which situations that I would find myself buying a particular swing. One of the major features I focus on in this list is comfort with the top 3 items all ranking as remarkably comfortable for most users.

Dual Hook Sex Swing

#1 – Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

The Screamer Dual Hook ranks at the top of the list because of the comfort and the flexibility, it is unmatched. It has more positions because of the removable strap system as well as being an extremely safe dual hook design.

Lesbian 69 in a swing

#2 – Whipsmart Pleasure Sex Swing 

The Pleasure Swing, with its super plush padding, is a surprisingly cozy swing for most people. Individuals with thicker hips, however, will find the 14-inch bar a little narrow. I love this swing because it is one of the most comfortable single hook swings and can then be turned into the best 360 spinning sex swing.

Slings for comfort

#3 – Sex Slings

Sex Slings are sometimes referred to as hammock style swings. There is nothing more relaxing than a sex sling. Just imagine sitting in your back yard under an oak tree in a hammock and taking a nap, this is the sex sling. The only downside to this is the limited number of positions available. But it does work for the most popular sex swing positions. It is also a favorite for people with any kind of hip or back issues.

Using the Fetish Bondage Swing

#4 – Bondage Swing 

If you have a kinky side, look no further than the Bondage Swings. Bondage swings give up a little on comfort, but make up for it in style. The bondage swing is a sleek looking silver and white swing that features four restraints and six attachment points for the restraints.

Ouch! Sex Swing

#5 –  Ouch Swing

If you have status or want to impress your friends, the Ouch Swing may be for you. For me, I feel it lacks in the function and comfort area, but it is impressive looking. Like a piece of art. This swing is the one I show people whenever they come over.

trinity vibe sex swing, XR Brands

#6 – Trinity Sex Swing

If you are looking just to own a sex swing, the Trinity is a good starting point. It lacks a lot of the comfort of higher-end swings and the flexibility since straps are permanently attached. But on price alone, this is the go to swing.

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