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Washing Sex Swings

Well, hopefully, your swing gets used enough that you will want to clean it from time to time. This is really not that complicated, but we do get asked from sometimes, and some are easier to clean than others, so this could be a consideration when purchasing a swing as well. Here is a quick video to help you out.

So to give you a quick idea – The Screamer, Wild Side and Whipsmart swings, we just recommend you remove the straps and throw them in a laundry bag you can get at any store for about $1. Wash them and then put them in the dryer but only use a low-temperature setting or air dry only. Large portions of swings are made from types of plastic such as the webbing and much of the hardware. This can be weakened with exposure to heat.

For swings such as the Fetish, Trinity, and TLC, there is not much in the line of good washing options. I find the best method is to hang it in the shower and spray it down and then let it air dry.

Now because all of these sex swings have a lot of padding in them, they will take a long time to dry. Please keep that in mind. In some cases, it may even take days. Squeeze out as much water as you can to speed drying. Maybe even wrap them in towels and then stand on them to squeeze out even more.

If you have a leather sex sling, it is not covered in this video, but it is recommended to just wipe with a damp cloth and use leather cleaner and conditioner to keep your sling looking good.