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Tips on Choosing a Sex Swing

When you decide you want to buy a sex swing, you will realize there are a ton of options. This guide will help you to select the right one.

Do you own or rent?

If you rent we recommend a swing with stand or door swing

Often one of the first things to consider is whether or not you can actually screw a hook into your ceiling. If the answer is no, you are going to want to consider using a stand, a door swing or using our tutorial on converting a dual hook to a door swing.

Stands tend to be pretty expensive and take a lot of space, but they are often the best option for rentals. A door swing is quick, easy and low cost, but they have a limited range of motion in what you can do.

Do you need a higher weight limit?

If so, we recommend a sex sling or dual hook swing

When it comes to sex swings, most of the buckles, webbing, chain and other parts have weight limits of several hundred or thousands of pounds. By far the weakest point on a swing is the actual mount into the ceiling (and the spring on some brands). By having a sling that is mounted with 3 or 4 chains or a dual hook that is mounted with 2 mounting points, you divide up the weight across more locations and that greatly reduces the load on these weak points.

Do you want maximum comfort?

If this is a priority we recommend a sex sling, a single hook with a wide spreader bar or a dual hook.

For comfort, the sex sling can beat all swings. They tend to be wide and feel like a hammock. The down side is your limited number of positions.

When looking at swings, find a swing with the widest seat. Consider the width of the webbing and not just the padding. Look for a width greater than 2 inches. 4 inches is recommended for comfort.

Do you want maximum flexibility and more position choices?

If positions and adventure are the most important thing, we recommend a single hook or dual hook swing

Sex swings have the greatest range of positions. Slings have less available positions. Door swings have a limited range of motion because of the door, but on the other hand, you can use the door for leverage for a few unique positions.

Do you need a low price solution?

If yes, then look for a door swing. They tend to be the least expensive option.

This is only a quick guide to help you narrow your choices. Our complete buying guide can help you learn more.

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