Spinning Sex Swings

Spinning sex swings can be a lot of fun for the truly adventurous couples! Spinning swings have all the same features as their matching single hook sex swings with the addition of a swivel.

Popular Spinning Sex Swings

So spinning sex swings are pretty popular. Unfortunately, there are only a couple on the market. The  the Screamer Twist, The Fetish Spinning swing and the Trinity 360. Other then that, the swings do not spin.

So maybe you want a swing that is not on this list, or you bought a swing, and now you wished you had gone with the spinning swing. Well, the great news is, you can add a swivel hook to any single hook swing and allow it to spin.

Now it is important to mention that you can not add two swivel hooks to a dual hook swing. If you do so, it will not spin. I know, I am blonde, and I would have done this myself, but it will not work. We find these orders all the time in shipping where people order a dual hook and two swivels. It will not work. Just think about it for a minute. Now you get it?

Here are some of my videos about swivel hooks.

Video Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail