Sex Swing Basics

There are a lot of options when it comes to the world of sex swings and installation. But first the key is to find the right swing for you, later we will highlight different mounting options.

Sex swings can be broken down into three basic types with each type having several brands from which to choose and several subcategories of swings. The three basic types are the Sex Swing, the Sex Sling, and the Door Swing.

Sex Swings

Sex Swing BasicsSex Swings are the most popular because they are the most versatile and allow for the most positions. They hang from 1 or 2 mounting points and consist of a primary strap to sit on and a secondary strap for your back and stirrups. Most swings have stirrups, and some will also come with handles. You can add an optional headrest to any of them. We recommend a headrest for everyone. A headrest is free with all swing purchases on

There are several subcategories of swings within the sex swing category.

  • Single Hook Swings hang from a single point. They have a spreader bar at the top of the swing to set the width of the swing to between 14 and 24 inches depending on the brand. Check out the sex swing guide.
  • Dual Hook Swings hang from two mounting points at a width that you control when installing it. Two mounting points give you the option of making it wider to increase comfort. Check out the dual hook sex swing guide.
  • Spinning Sex Swings are single hook sex swings that have the addition of a swivel hook. Some swings can be purchase as spinning swings, or it is possible to convert your favorite single hook swing into a spinning swing. Check out the spinning sex swing guide.
  • Bondage Sex Swings are swings that come with cuffs for restraining your partner as well as additional places on the swing that these cuffs can be attached. Check out the bondage sex swing guide.

Sex Slings

comfortable sex slingSex Slings are the most comfortable of the three basic types. They are like laying in a hammock. These are great if comfort is required such as people with disabilities or people that will be using it for long periods such as in bondage play. The downfall of the sex slings is that they have fewer positions available and they require four mounting points which can be difficult in some situations. Slings are available in leather, canvas, and suede.

Door Sex Swings

door sex swing basicsDoor Sex Swings are a great option for traveling or renters since they are set up just by hooking it to the top of any standard door and closing it. The door swing is the cheapest swing option, but it is somewhat limited in positions. There are a lot of choices between different brands such as what different straps they include. In general, there are two separate types of door swings.

  • Standard Door Swings are lower end door swings that typically come only with stirrups to support your thighs and handles. The lack of a main strap can put a lot of pressure on your legs for some people.
  • Deluxe Door Swings are a little more expensive than the standard door sex swing. They usually come with a primary strap to sit on, stirrups and handles. This primary strap makes it much more comfortable to use.

For more information, check out our buyers guide to sex swings and our list for the best of each type of sex swing.