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Plus Size Sex Swings

For plus size sex swing users, bbw, and women with some curves, there are really 2 things of primary importance. Comfort and safety. There are a couple of products I recommend for plus size users. Both of these are on our annual list of best swings but have real advantages when you need a higher weight limit.

Safety for the Plus Size User

Safety is no joke, no matter what the weight of the client is. We take security very seriously. There are things to do, when you are plus size, to ensure a worry-free sex swing experience.


How you install, your swing is so important. The number one fail point will be around the mounting point and related to how the swing is installed.


Swing Set Sex Swing StandWe would first recommend a stand, specifically the Screamer Stand or the Dick n Jane Sling Stand, depending on the swing you chose. Because the hooks are welded on the stand, you can visually inspect them for any stress. Furthermore, both of these stands are exceptionally made. If we were talking to a friend, this is the option we would suggest every time.

Tie Down Plate

Sex Swing Ceiling Mount

If a stand is not an option for you, our second recommendation would be a tie down plate. These are plates that attach to the ceiling joist in 2-4 screw locations, and they have a welded ring hanging from the center to connect too. We use these often in our shop when inspecting and working with swings. As far as ceiling mounts this is our number one recommendation. Because these plates screw into the joist at several locations, they are incredibly durable and when installed correctly will be very secure. They also typically have a welded ring which is different than a normal eye bolt you would find at Home Depot. They will make it many times stronger.

If you still want a standard eye bolt, a cast one will be stronger than the wire bent ones at Home Depot. You can get one here on Amazon.

Over the Beam Mount

Our last recommendation will be an over the beam mount if you have exposed beams in your home. These are long pieces of webbing that wrap around your beam with 2 D-rings on each end that you will attach a sex swing too.


We can not stress enough the importance of using springs. Springs will absorb so much force not only keeping your mounting hardware safe from failing but keeping your swing in good working order. We know some manufacturers recommend discarding the spring over 200lbs, this is reckless, and it makes us confident these manufacturers don't know anything about swings in general or why springs are needed. These manufacturers ship products with low weight rated springs and care little about the end user. Our recommendation is NEVER to use a swing without a spring. Upgrade your spring if your spring does not have a high enough weight rating.

For more ideas about installation, visit our article on seven ways to install a sex swing.

Safest Swing Styles

We can’t end our safety section without going over what are the safest styles and what makes them superior to others.

Why we don’t recommend a single hook

A single hook attaches at one point to your mounting system. Single hooks will have an overhead bar, upwards of 8lbs over your head, and will be narrow in the hips due to the bar and lead to pinching for women especially those with wider hips. The idea of any weight over 200lbs hanging from a single mounting point puts single hooks out of our recommendation for plus size users.

Dual Hook

Screamer Dual Hook and Stand comboWe adore dual hook swings, and it could be because the women have hips around here! But a dual hook is perfect for the BBWs and plus size users. You can set the width as wide as you like, we recommend 30” to 48” from side to side. Dual hooks have no bar, and we love not having a bar over our heads. Because of the dual hook design, your weight is divided by each side. So if you are 250lbs, each side only has a working load of about 125lbs. Learn more about the differences between single and dual hooks.

Sex Slings

Webbed leather sling full viewSex slings mount in 4 locations and work as a hammock. The positions are limited, but they are super comfortable and the strongest because the weight will be divided between 4 locations, so a 250lb person would only put a working load of about 63lbs per mounting point when weight is evenly spread. Sex slings are recommended for people with back or hip issues as well.


After safety, the next question asked is always “what is the most comfortable?” Here is a breakdown of what makes a swing comfortable.

Strap Width and Length

The width of the strap will be the part that you will sit on. Some swings have narrow 2” webbing, and even though the padding may be wider at 3”-4”, the only thing that matters is the webbing width. If you sit on a 2” webbing covered in a 4” pad, you are still sitting on 2” of webbing, and the padding wraps around the webbing adding very little extra support. This width is not comfortable and will dig into your butt. It will also add pressure to your hips. Go for a seat that has 4” of webbing and padding. The length is also significant because if you are wider in the hips, you want a full seat to over your hips and not stop midway around.


Some swings have very light padding, and some have very thick padding. A general rule on padding and seat is the better the quality, the more you will pay, but it will make your purchase a happy one, and you will use it more frequently.

Distance of Spread

If you are using a single hook, although not recommended, the spread from side to side can be as narrow at 14”. If you change to a dual hook, this can range from 30” to 40” or even wider if you are doing a door to door mount or something similar. The more distance, the more you have room for your hips and body and the less pinching that you will have.


Universtal HeadrestAvoid strain on your neck and burning abs by using a headrest. It is simple to use. The headrest can be utilized with any swing (note: slings do not use a headrest because the sling supports your head). Remember that we include a headrest for free on swing orders placed in our store; we love headrests that much! A headrest will allow for more prolonged use and more enjoyment.


For plus size users, if you are concerned about safety and comfort, pick a swing with more mounting points and wider straps. For more information and reviews, check out our reviews section.