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Free Headrest

Well if you want to use your swing for more then a couple of minutes, if does not matter what brand you buy, you will want a headrest for sure. Lucky for our customers, *ALL SWING ORDERS ship with a free headrest. Here is some more info on how to use and install your head rest and take your experience to the next level. Shop Now.


Universal Headrest

The headrest was created by Screamer, but knowing the importance of the headrest to comfort in any swing, it was created to be universal. For the Screamer, this is simple. Clip the headrest to any point on the mounting hardware or swing and you are ready to go. There are many options on where you can attach it and it is only up to you on how you want to be positioned.

For swings other than the Screamer, there are included 2 webbing loops. So, for example, you have a Whipsmart pleasure swing. This has a single hook spreader bar that is made with a very fat piece of tubing. Far too fat to clip the headrest too. All you need to do is wrap the webbing loops around the bar and then clip the headrest to the webbing loops.

This will work with any swing and the point you mount it to will depend on the swing and the positions you want to use it for.

Please note: *FREE HEADREST only comes with an actual Sex Swing order. We do not include headrests with accessories, stand, or Sex Sling orders.