Door Sex Swings – Basic Types

If you have been shopping for door sex swings, then will be confronted with two basic options. Deluxe or standard swings?


Comparing the Types of Door Swings

door sex swingFor door sex swings, most brands use the deluxe model to indicate that the swing has a primary strap to sit on. With standard door swings, there is no primary strap, so your weight is entirely supported by a narrow strap around your legs. Being held this way can be painful for some people.

In general, I am not a big fan of door swings. I do not find them that comfortable and I think they are too limited in positions. On the other hand, some people need them for travel such as a hotel or they live in a small apartment, and there are some girls in the shop here that love them. So to each their own.

On our site, when searching for a door swing, we will list under the product specs if the swing has a primary strap or not. So make sure you pay attention to that.

Abby Woods April 15, 2017