Sex Swing Buyers Guide

If you are new to the world of sex swings and just starting to look for your first swing, there are two things that will quickly become clear. There are a lot of swings to choose from and there are a lot of people that have advice on what makes a good sex swing. Today I am going to clear things up for you and make buying a swing easy. There are 2 things to remember, not all swings are created equal, and most people that write about swings have never actually used a swing.

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The vast majority of content about sex swings out there is reworded versions of content I have created over the years which is edited to fit with the products for sale with affiliate links at the time. My goal is to help you find the perfect swing for you, regardless of what or where you purchase it.

I have personally owned and tested more than 50 different sex swings. I have sat in them, used them, inspected their quality, analyzed their features and measured everything. There are some swings that just do not make the cut. Those products will not be listed on this site and can be purchased from other places. My goal is not to sell you a terrible sex swing just to sell you a swing.

Comfort, Safety, and Flexibility for the Win!

When just starting out, the average person does not know what they are looking for in swings, so the obvious draw is the price. A swing is a swing but different prices. Well, that is not really the way it works.

Even a cheap swing is normally at least a pretty good chunk of money so rather than lets just purchasing something you will not like, let’s take a look at what you really want when you are buying a swing: Comfort, Safety, and Flexibility.  Without these, a swing will be a one time use and then a waste of money.

Comfort is the top priority. There are swings that people can’t sit in for more than 2 or 3 minutes because of pinching or pressure on their legs, hips, and back. In addition to this, different body types can manage different types of swings better than others. Key factors: Types of Swings, Mounting Points, Padding/Straps, Headrest

Safety is pretty important as well. Nothing kills a mood faster than landing on your butt. Sure. accidents can happen in life, but choosing the right swing for you can minimize the risk Key factors: types of Swings, Mounting Points, Hardware, Spring.

Lastly, Flexibility equals FUN! The whole goal of a swing is to add some adventure to your sex life. A swing that can be used in more positions has more features and can be installed in more places is going to be a great benefit to you. Hey Factors: Types of Swings, Padding/Straps, Mounting Points, Storage, Adjustability

The more you love your swing, the more you will use it.

Gathering Info

There is a lot that goes into a swing and having the data to make a choice will help a lot in making sure you get the right swing. So on this site, you will not only find the swings available, you will find pictures, detailed measurements and video reviews of every item to help you compare. For the rest of this page, I am going to explain what all the numbers mean and why they are important in your decision.

Types of Swings

When people think of sex swings, they usually are thinking of 3 distinct types of products that are often lumped together as one thing on websites. These being Sex Swings, Sex Slings, and Door Swings.

If you are looking for comfort and safety, a sling is the way to go, for convenience a door swing and for adventure and flexibility, you need a sex swing.

Sex Sling

A sex sling is a large piece of fabric or leather that usually have 4 mounting points. Think of this as a hammock type of thing. This is what was made famous by the Kardashian Sex Swing video (mostly removed from the internet) and is very popular with the gay community and the handicap community.

Screamer Sling With CoupleSex Slings are great for safety because they include 4 mounting points which divide up the weight more so there is less load on each point. They are also great for comfort. If you wanted to read a book or take a nap, it would be hard to beat a sex sling.

The downsides to a sex sling are that they usually cost more, they require you to have 4 mounting points, and they have a fairly limited range of positions compared to how creative you can get in a swing.

A sling is good for long time use such as BDSM play. And is also popular with people with things such as hip problems.

Sex Swing

A sex swing is the most popular. This is the type of swing that has 2 main straps and stirrups usually. A sex swing has the greatest amount of positions available on any type of swing. If you want to really be crazy a sex swing is the way to go. Unlike the sling, the swing will only require 1 or 2 mounting points and usually cost less than the sling.Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

The comfort on swings is slightly less than slings and can vary wildly between brands, but with the right brand, people have been known to sit in them comfortably for hours.

Door Swing

The door swing is popular with people in apartments or traveling because they can be installed anywhere there is a good door. This is the cheapest type of swing and it has a fairly limited number of positions. Most people will be limited to only 1 or 2 positions. This is because the door is there physically limiting your range of motion.Showing Deep Penetration in the Door Jam

For comfort, it will really depend on the person. I know a lot of people that hate them and a lot of people that like them. I do tend to find that the very skinny girls without hips or those that are strong such as those that do yoga tend to find the door swing more comfortable than other people.

If you are the type of person that wants to take a swing traveling, one cool thing you can do is to use a Screamer Sex Swing as your primary sex swing at home and use the door mount attachment to make it a door swing when you travel and get the best of both worlds.

Mounting Points

In general, the more mounting points required, the more comfortable your swing will be. Slings usually require 4 mounting points, swings only 1 or 2 and door swings technically 0. The reason for this is the width of the swing. The wider it is, the more comfortable it will generally be.

A swing with a single mounting point will have a spreader bar to set the width of the straps. This ranges from 14 inches wide with the Whipsmart to 32 inches wide with the Screamer. When the swing is wider it will put less pinching or pressure on someone’s hips when they are sitting in the swing. This is especially important if you have hips or curves. Rail thin girls will not notice a lot of difference in the width of the swings.

A dual hook swing can have the width set even further like 35 or 40 or 48 inches. This will be a lot more comfortable to those with hips.

In addition, having 2 mounting points rather than one will divide the load between 2 points thus making the swing safer. A sling is even safer yet dividing load over 4 points. Of course, you still need to install it right unlike in the Kardashian video.

Door swings to not technically have any mounting points and their width is set by the width of the door. For safety, it really depends on the door. Make sure the door is solid and strong, and always install the door on the inside face of the door (the side the door pulls into the door jam)


Growing up we all went to the playground and saw those black swings made out of rubber. There was no padding on them or anything and they were fairly comfortable and you could sit on them for hours. Contrast that to a time you were near something that was roped of with a 1-inch rope and you decided to sit on that, and after about 3 minutes your legs were falling asleep and you had deep red dents in your legs. Comfort is all about width.

Sex Slings are a single piece of fabric and so they are very wide and very comfortable. A door swing, if it has a main strap is usually 4 to 9 inches wide and thus very comfortable. (Note: not all door swings have the main strap)

Sex slings, however, are made from webbing that is usually 2 inches wide. This is very small and closer to sitting on the rope in the example above. To compensate for this padding is added above the webbing to make it feel better, but, not all padding is created equal. Think again of the rope. Imagine if you laid your T-shirt on it or your pillow. Which would help more? Well, the T-shirt is much wider, but it is not firm at all, so it just bends around the rope and you are still sitting essentially on the rope.

Swings are the same way. Thin padding does very little and firm thick padding does more. Again this is something that plays a bigger impact the more hips you have, but in general, more thick firm padding is better than thin light padding.

The one exception to this is the Screamer. Remember the rubber swing? It had no padding at all and would be pretty comfortable. The Screamer uses a 4-inch webbing compared to the normal 2-inch webbing and then apply a padding over that. This gives a lot more support.

So for padding, wider straps are better and firmer foam is better when looking at comfort.


When it comes to swings, some swings have different features, but for long turn use, I consider a headrest a much with sex swings for comfort. They are not really needed so much with slings because those have head support and often come with a pillow. The door swing will have the door to rest your head on.

Universtal Headrest

When it comes to sex swing, however, next support is a must. If you are looking to buy a swing for your wife, get a headrest. It is so important in fact that on this site we include a headrest with all swing orders.

If you are not sure you need a headrest, lay on your bed flat on your back with your head hanging off the edge of the bed. Keep your head level with the floor and do not move for 3 minutes. Then think about your neck. Think about your wife’s neck when she is trying to get all freaky for you. Yeah, just get the headrest.

As an added bonus, when you buy any sex swing from, you get the headrest included FREE!


What you can do with a swing depends a lot on how the swing was made. Many swings were made with a spreader bar, remember single point swings above, and all of the components and straps are permanently attached to this spreader bar.

This means that straps cannot be removed if they are not needed, things cannot be reconfigured for other options, and some accessories cannot be added. If you want to have a wild time, this is pretty important. Some swings such as the Whipsmart and Screamer Twist have removeable straps as well as all dual hook swings.

To understand this better here are a couple examples. A girls sitting on a swing on a single strap. Her butt is hanging off the back of the swing and the man stands behind her. Where does the second main strap go? Does she hold it? Does she put 2 under her butt? Well with some swings with removable straps, you can just remove the strap.

Another common example is girls who love to put their legs very high in the air. If a swing has removable straps, you can simply unclip with stirrup straps and attach them much higher up or even to your hook in the ceiling. This gives a lot of new possibilities.

Removable straps are also required for the popular squatting attachments.

The range of adjustment is also very important. Some swings have a limited adjustment range of 18 inches while others can adjust over 3 feet. For many cases, this does not matter, but I have encountered other cases where people have a low mounting point such as a stand and the man is very tall, and with some swings, even with the straps adjusted all the way up, it is not high enough to “hit the whole”.


Hardware and spring are probably technically more of a personal preference. Most swings hold a lot of weight, but I just like the idea of having metal hardware. Yeah, it looks cooler, but to me I just prefer it. So swings like the Screamer, the leather slings and the TLC bondage just make me feel safer

For springs, most all of the springs available with any swing are rated at 200 pounds. The only exception is the 300-pound spring that comes with Screamer swings. This spring is a drawbar or safety spring and the rest of them are using extension springs. This means that the drawbar spring does not have the risk of being overdrawn and damaged. But being a 300-pound spring will have less “bounce” if that is what you are after.

Additionally, I would always be very suspect if you see a swing claiming to support over 400 pounds. There are too many factors that come into play at these weights including things like the structural integrity of your ceiling or the fact that most of those are still using plastic hardware.


There are a few swings out there that are designed to be spinning swings such as the Trinity 360 and the Screamer Twist, but I do not let that limit me. Any single mounting point swing can be turned into a spinning swing by adding a swivel up near the mounting point. So I would not let spinning be a deciding factor in most cases. Go for the most comfortable first and then add spinning.swivel hook for sex swing

The one thing to remember is that dual hook swings by design can no spin. It makes me sad that I have to mention this, but I see it often. Buying 2 spinning hooks will still not allow a dual hook swing to spin.


I know storage does not fall into oneof the major categories of comfort, safety, or flexibility, but it is on everyones mind. The ceiling hook is the most common reason people give when they do not own a swing. It does not have to be that way. I encourage everyone to read the article about 7 ways to mount your sex swing to get over the ceiling hook limitation right away.

But beyond the ceiling hook issue, some of these swings are bulky. The best advice I have for most swings is to hang in on your clothes bar in the back of your closet. The only exception being the Screamer that comes with its own small carrying case. This is another reason the Screamer is very popular among users and partiers.Inside image of the Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing carrying bag


It is a lot easier to do your research and get the right swing for you the first time around. Swings are not that cheap for most people so, get the best one for you and your budget.

Generally speaking, slings are most comfortable but swings have the most positions. More mounting points can lead to increases in safety and comfort. Wider is better for both spreader bars and straps and padding. Removable straps and large adjustment range are good for giving you more options.

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