Sex Swing Buyers Guide

Quick Guide

I know you all are in a hurry, so I am going to give you the short version here. If you want to learn more about the difference, please check out the full quide on this page or start shopping or see our swing reviews

  • Wider is better – A wider swing will be more comfortable for your hips.Wider Swings are better
  • Get A headrest – A headrest is needed to avoid a sore neck.headrests save neck pain
  • 2 is better then 1 – 2 hooks is wider for comfort, and better for safetyDual hook swings are better
  • Except when 1 is better then 2 – 1 hook is required if you want spinningsingle hook swings spin
  • Consider Washing and Storage – Some swings wash and store better then otherswashing sex swings
  • Use the Spring – Springs are a safety issue, make sure to check their ratingsSprings are important for swings
  • Webbing and Padding – Firmer foam and wider webbing both contribute to comfortWebbing and padding for swing comfort

Swings Guides By Type

If you know what kind of swing you want, here are some guides to get you started.
Bondage Sex Swings
Spinning Sex Swings
Door Swings (coming soon)
Dual Hook Swings (coming soon)
Slings (coming soon)

Full Guide to Choosing Swings

Here is the full guide to understanding what makes a good swing and why you should care.

  • Sex Swing Basics – Not sure if you need a sex swing, sex sling or door swing, here is a quick comparison.
  • FREE HEADREST – Well no matter what swing you choose, you are going to want this.
  • Spreader Bars – What is a spreader bar and why does it make a difference in purchasing a swing?
  • Single Hook or Dual Hook – Both single hook and dual hook swings have their advantages. Find the pros and cons here to help you make the best choice for you.
  • Shipping and packaging – Depending on who you are and where you are, packaging is important. Is the box going to be opened by customs agents? Is it going to be opened by your kids? So we felt this was important to disclose.
  • Storage and Cleaning Well most likely you are not going to always have your swing hanging in your room. Here is a little bit of information on cleaning and storing the different swings. Not the most important factor in buying a swing, but just more things to consider.
  • Springs and SafetyOne of the most important safety features on a sex swing is the spring. Here is what you need to know to be safe.
  • Reviews Here are some comparison reviews between products. For more review information, we have included a video most products on our site as well.