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Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant 3.1oz

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Abbys Personal Review

First let me go over a few things. This is silicone based, so do not use it with toys. This is pure body to body action only lube. Second, and this is IMPORTANT- this lube is slick. If you get it on the bottom of the shower, it is slippery. If you get it on the bottle and the bottle slips out of your hand and say, falls on the bathroom floor and cracks open… Well, lets just say you will spend a while scrubbing the floor to make it walk-able again. I may know this from personal experience, maybe not…

But, this is great lube for sex in wet situations. Like say a bath tub, hot tub or shower. I just keep a bottle in the shower and make sure sure I don't spill.

I have not found any other lube that lasts longer than we do in the water, except this one! So that is why I am recommending it.

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