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Hiding the Hook: Door Jam

You just purchased your sex swing. Now there are a lot of places to try and hide the ceiling hook. All of them have their pros and cons. One of the easiest place to hide the hook is in the door jam of your closet.

Now closets come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, so first off you are going to want to make sure that your closet door jam is an acceptable option for your swing.

First – you need to have a deep closet like a walk in closet or one without a lot of stuff right behind the door. Once you put the swing in, you want to have room to lay back in it or swing a little. So space is required.

Second – you want to look at what type of door you have. If you have sliders or bi-fold doors, you are probably good to go. If you have a regular swinging door on your closet, it will need to swing out. If it opens into the closet it will hit the hook.

If you do not have a space that will work for this, no worries, we have lots of other ways of hanging your sex swing.

Now the nice thing about using the hook in the door jam is that it is very easy to hide, and it is very easy to install. If you are installing your sex swing with a hook in the ceiling, you need to find joists and get the hook in that. With a door jam, there is always a header above the door – this means you can easily screw it into solid wood guaranteed every time. The downside of the closet door placement for your swing is that it will be lower to the ground, so if you are tall or your swing is not as adjustable, this may be an issue.

Installation is very simple. You will install it just like you install the hook in a ceiling joist. You will use the small predrill hole and then screw it in. If you have a slide or a bi-fold door, you want to put your hook just behind the track. In some cases, it may be best to remove the track first so you can get it even closer to the track and then reinstall the track.

For a regular door, there is a piece of molding that acts as a doorstop. You will want to place the hook just behind that piece of molding.

Once you get it installed, have fun and nobody will ever know you have a sex swing.