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When it comes to swings, there is a lot more than just choosing a sex swing based on price or color. If you are looking to buy a swing, you probably want to add some adventure to your sex life. Buying the wrong swing could be uncomfortable- frankly, a pain in the ass or worse won't work with your house.

Our guides will help you find the right sex swing that you will want and enjoy using over and over again and the one that works bests for where you want to install them.

teacher telling how to buy a sex swing


I can not stress it enough if you want to enjoy your swing, do your research- and hopefully, we make it very easy. I am contacted every day by people that bought a swing based on an image or the desired price and now are looking for ways to make the swing comfortable or useable. Don't be that person. If you want to enjoy your sex swing, buy the right swing.

Type of Sex Swing Guides

Sex swing video reviews

Sex Swing Reviews

Don't guess what to buy, don't just look at the pictures and don't fall for fake reviews. We walk you through every swing available with real honest reviews from our staff that actually uses sex swings.

Sex Swing Positions

Sex Swing Positions

There are no rules. There is no definitive guide to sex swing positions. The best advice I can give you is to experiment. Try things. Some things will work and be incredibly sexy, others won't but will give you a good laugh. Have fun.

Here are some things to get you started.