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When it comes to swings, there is a lot more than just choosing on price or color. If you are looking to buy a swing, you probably want to add some adventure to your sex life. Buying the wrong swing could be uncomfortable or just a pain in the ass. Our guides will help you find the right swing that you will want to use over and over again, and work best for where you want to install them.

Buying guide – finding the perfect sex swing Learn all about the types of sex swings, what makes them comfortable, how different swings are installed and what makes some swings more fun than others. Shop all sex swings

How to buy door swings Door swings are a great option for people that want to travel with a swing or live in apartments. Shop all door sex swings

Bondage swing basics If you are into the BDSM scene, a bondage swing could be for you. There are a lot of options ranging from swings designed for bondage to swings that can be fitted with bondage options. Shop for bondage sex swings

Buying a spinning sex swing Add a little twist to your swing experience. Learn about spinning sex swings and converting your non spinning swing into a spinner. Shop all spinning sex swings

Choosing a sex sling If you are looking for maximum comfort and willing to sacrifice a little bit of flexibility, consider a sex sling. These also make great additions to any dungeon. Shop sex slings

Guide to sex swing stands Not everyone can install a ceiling hook for their sex swing. A swing stand can give you a lot of options as well as make your swing portable. Shop for sex swing stands

Sex Swing Reviews Once you know what you want from a swing, check out our reviews. We not only sell the swings, we use, we test and we review every product we sell.