Hiding the Hook: Ceiling Light

Hiding the Hook: Ceiling Light

One of the best places to hide your sex swing hook in your bedroom may be your light fixture. The main advantage of having your hook hidden in the light fixture of your bedroom is that it is located very near the center of your room and may be directly over your bed. This makes it an ideal location for using your swing.

Now before you consider this option for your swing hook, we need to see if this option is good for you. If you have a ceiling fan or a chandelier, this option is probably not for you. What you need is a light with a very large base. Something with a diameter in the range of 12”-20” at the base.

If you do not have a light like this, you can pick one up fairly cheap. I just picked up a new light for this article of about $16 at a local building store.

Lights are fairly easy to install, and there are instructions included with the light.

One of the nice things about installing your sex swing hook in the light is that it is easy to find the joist. If you are replacing the light, you will see an electrical box in your ceiling. This electrical box is almost always nailed into a ceiling joist. This makes it very easy to find where your ceiling joist is. Just look or stick a butter knife around the cut in the dry wall and see if you can identify where the joist is.

Once you have identified where joist is, find a location in the light where you can place the hook that hits the joist, but is also close enough to the center of the light so that the glass cover will fit over it. Most lights are not as deep near the edges, so you will need the hook closer to the center of the light to make sure the cover can go on. Depending on the configuration of your light, you may need to leave one light bulb out or maybe even remove one light bulb when you are using your swing.

Mark the spot on the inside of the light and then remove the light from the ceiling. Drill at ½ inch hole where the hook will go through the light. Do not do this on the ceiling because you want to make sure there are no wires behind where you are drilling the hole.

After you have drilled your hole in the light, reinstall the light and then install the hook. If the hook does not go in far enough to make the cover go on completely, then you may have to cut a larger hole in the light for the base of the hook to set further into the light. Please check this before you install the hook. Make sure the hook will fit. You do not want to install the hook and then find out it does not fit. Removing the hook and reinstalling the hook will make the hold weaker and increase the risk of injury when using your sex swing.

Additional note: When you are working with lights, make sure your power is disconnected at your fuse or circuit breaker box for your safety.

Once the hook is installed and the cover is on, nobody will ever suspect you have a sex swing hook installed in your room.

Hiding the Hook: Door Jam

So there are a lot of place to try and hide the sex swing hook. All of them have their pros and cons. One of the easiest place to hide the hook is in the door jam of your closet.

Now closets come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, so first off you are going to want to make sure that your closet door jam is an acceptable option for your swing.

First – you need to have a deep closet like a walk in closet or one without a lot of stuff right behind the door. Once you put the swing in, you want to have room to lay back in it or swing a little. So space is required.

Second – you want to look at what type of door you have. If you have sliders or bi-fold doors, you are probably good to go. If you have a regular swinging door on your closet, it will need to swing out.

Now the nice thing about using the hook in the door jam is that it is very easy to hide, and it is very easy to install. If you are installing your sex swing with a hook in the ceiling, you need to find joists and get the hook in that. With a door jam, there is always a header above the door – this means you can easily screw it into solid wood guaranteed every time. The down side of the closet door placement for your sex swing is that it will be lower to the ground, so if you are tall or your swing is not as adjustable, this may be an issue. Also there could be issues if you do not have enough room in your closet to use the swing.

Now installation is very simple. You will install it just like you install the hook in a ceiling joist. You will use the small predrill hole and then screw it in. If you have a slide or a bi-fold door, you want to put your hook just behind the track. In some cases it may be best to remove the track first so you can get it even closer to the track and then reinstall the track.

For a regular door, there is a piece of moulding that acts as a door stop. You will want to place the hook just behind that piece of moulding.

Once you get it installed, have fun and nobody will ever know you have a sex swing.