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TLC Love Swing Series

Important: There is a lot of confusion in the world about the term "Love Swing" and this may or may not be the page you are looking for.

  • Love Swing is a trademarked name of Topco Sales used to promote a line of mid-range sex swings. These products are listed further down on this page, but due to distribution issues, they are often not available.
  • Love Swing was a name used by 2 different mom & pop shops that created a rigid frame sling style swing. These brands no longer exist
  • Many people are actually looking for a Sex Swing but trying to be more conservative and search for love and not sex. If this is you, you will find better results using sex swing because love swing is only a small trademarked name. I would also recommend you head over to our section on the basic types of swings and our swing buying guide to learn more about what you are looking for.