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Well, we decided recently to have a little fun. Normally our marketing consists of educational videos, instructions, positions, etc. We like to teach people about swings. However, this month we thought it may be fun to give a shot at a commercial. Let us know what you think.


Wild Side Sex Swing Review

So if you are looking for an entry level swing at an affordable price but a reasonable amount of comfort, the Wild Side Sex Swing may just be the swing for you.


Wild Side Sex Swing Review

The Wild Side in the same price range as a Trinity or any of the other lower end swings. But this swing has a couple of real advantages for comfort. First, the padding is much better than those in the same class, and additionally, it is a dual hook swing. A dual hook swing allows the swing to be much wider and can significantly improve comfort when compared to a single hook swing, especially if you have larger hips.

Wild Side Sex Swing ReviewObviously, the drawbacks of a dual hook swing are that it requires two mounting points and it can never spin. This sacrifice is OK for a lot of people, the comfort and safety aspects of a dual hook are worth the trade off.

Additionally, the Wild Side does come in 4 colors.

So if you are looking for getting started with swings, but not wanting to invest in a higher end swing, this may be a great place to start out and test the waters.

Of course, like with all swings, you also get a free headrest with all swings on sex

Abby’s Traveling Swing Gear

When I get support calls and chats, one of the most common questions is what swings I use. Well, this is a little bit tricky because I do own all of them in every color. It is my job.

So I am on a road trip across the country and have taken some gear with me so I can work and play. What I am going to do here is to show you all of the sex swings and accessories I have brought with me and tell you why I brought it. So this will give you a little glimpse into my life.


Sex Swing Accessories
For accessories, I am currently only carrying a few.
Universal Headrest – This is a given. Nobody would every want to use a swing without it, so it is pretty much required.
Squatting Attachments – I always have these with me. It is one of my husband’s favorites. So everywhere I have a swing that works with them, I bring them.
– Bondage gear prototypes – We have a few projects in the works for bondage restraints. I have some prototypes with me so we can test them and see what needs to be improved.

Mounting Options
I never know what options will be available to me, so I always have a lot of mounting hardware, so I am ready for any situation.
Over the Door mounts – These are great to convert a dual hook to a door swing, or to hang the swing between two doors.
– Beam Straps prototypes – These straps that we are developing work over exposed beams, but also in trees like over a branch or between 2 trees like a hammock.
– Screamer Stand Prototype – The prototype for the new Screamer Swing stand is a great one for traveling. It folds flat and comes with a bag. Some other changes on this new stand are that it is easier to put up for one person and it has bondage mounting points.
Chinup bar – I did not mention this in the video, but I always have my chin up bar so I can mount a dual hook swing in any doorway.

Sex Swings
Screamer Sex Swing – This is my go to swing for comfort and flexibility.
Whipsmart Sex Swing – This is 2nd on my comfort scale, and I bring it because I add a swivel hook to it to make it a twisting swing. A lot better that way than a trinity 360.
– TLC Bondage Swing – Bondage swings have been a hot seller lately. The TLC and the Fetish are pretty much identical, but I like the TLC a little more, and it is usually the lower priced. So I have this with me just because it is currently a hot item lately.
Door Swings – Well I am not a fan of the door swings. Some people in our office love them. Well, not me. But I have a couple of door swings with me just because we need to spend more time researching door swings and developing content for them.
Wild Side Sex Swing – I have the Wild Side with me because I feel it is one of the most overlooked swings. It is in the price range of a Trinity by far superior in comfort. It is a dual hook swing and in the middle of the range for comfort and great for the price.

Sex Swing Spring Issue (some brands)

So over the last year or so, we have noticed an issue with the spring and chain on four different brands of swings. These would be the swings by

Lux Fetish

So first, we are not sure why this same issue is happening in all 4 of these brands and no place else. Is this a product of using the same manufacturer? Copying each other’s products? Not sure, but it is an issue well actually there are two issues. It is just a mystery which on you will get.

Problem A

You receive a chain and spring. The spring has a closed loop on each end, so there is no way to attach it to the swing. I have sometimes seen where they send you an extra link to connect the chain to the spring, but many times they do not. Without a link, if you need the swing to be lower, you have to go to home depot and buy an extra link to make the change connect to the spring.

Problem B

In some cases, they attach the spring to the chain ahead of time. They use the same spring with a closed loop on each end, but the chain attached. With them attached, if you have a lower ceiling or a stand or something and you need to remove the chain you can not. So if you do not connect to the end of the chain, it is left just hanging and banging and is very annoying. So the best option is to deal with it, or cut it off and get the additional link like in Problem A

Now I have seen both of these problems in each of these swings. So it is a mystery. You never know what problem you are going to get until you open the box, but you will probably get one of them

The good news is, there is a 50% chance it will work for you. If you have the chain permanently attached, there is a 50% chance you can live with it. If it does not attach at all, there is a 50% chance you can live with it.

I am sorry that this happens. These problems are something beyond out control.

Now one option to cure all of it is to just purchase a spring in our accessories section. The spring we sell is rated for 300 pounds compared to the one that comes with all of these brands and is only rated for 200 pounds. So this may be a good upgrade to your swing anyway.

Here is a quick video as well to help further explain this issue.


Sex Swings and Swivel Hooks

So spinning sex swings are pretty popular. Unfortunately there are only a couple on the market. The TLC Spinning, the Madame Ang Twist, The Fetish Spinning swing and the Trinity 360. Other then that, the swings do not spin.

So maybe you want a swing that is not on this list, or you bought a swing, and now you wished you had gone with the spinning swing. Well, the great news is, you can add a swivel hook to any single hook swing and allow it to spin.

Now it is important to mention that you can not add two swivel hooks to a dual hook swing. If you do so, it will not spin. I know, I am blonde, and I would have done this myself, but it will not work. We find these orders all the time in shipping where people order a dual hook and two swivels. It will not work. Just think about it for a minute. Now you get it?

Here are some of my videos about swivel hooks.


Bondage Sex Swings

There are really 2 primary bondage sex swings currently on the markets (although I hear rumors of a couple future products). Currently your choices are the TLC Bondage Swing and the Fetish Bondage Swing….

Well, they are pretty much exactly identical. That is pretty unfortunate in my book because I like choices. I like to choose the options that I am going to have. But that is not what we have here.

So in the current market, I say, go for price. Pick the brand that is the better price and be happy with that. The differences in the swing are so small that I can hardly tell and I do this for a living.

NOTE: You will see a couple of differences in these videos if you look close. I have seen the TLC come in a couple of different ways. The differences make no difference in comfort or anything else; just the way they are sewn. They are not consistent with their product, so I never know what exact variation is in the box. But they are all essentially the same.

The TLC Bondage Swing


The Fetish Bondage Swing