Abby’s Traveling Swing Gear

When I get support calls and chats, one of the most common questions is what swings I use. Well, this is a little bit tricky because I do own all of them in every color. It is my job.

So I am on a road trip across the country and have taken some gear with me so I can work and play. What I am going to do here is to show you all of the sex swings and accessories I have brought with me and tell you why I brought it. So this will give you a little glimpse into my life.


Sex Swing Accessories
For accessories, I am currently only carrying a few.
Universal Headrest – This is a given. Nobody would every want to use a swing without it, so it is pretty much required.
Squatting Attachments – I always have these with me. It is one of my husband’s favorites. So everywhere I have a swing that works with them, I bring them.
– Bondage gear prototypes – We have a few projects in the works for bondage restraints. I have some prototypes with me so we can test them and see what needs to be improved.

Mounting Options
I never know what options will be available to me, so I always have a lot of mounting hardware, so I am ready for any situation.
Over the Door mounts – These are great to convert a dual hook to a door swing, or to hang the swing between two doors.
– Beam Straps prototypes – These straps that we are developing work over exposed beams, but also in trees like over a branch or between 2 trees like a hammock.
– Screamer Stand Prototype – The prototype for the new Screamer Swing stand is a great one for traveling. It folds flat and comes with a bag. Some other changes on this new stand are that it is easier to put up for one person and it has bondage mounting points.
Chinup bar – I did not mention this in the video, but I always have my chin up bar so I can mount a dual hook swing in any doorway.

Sex Swings
Screamer Sex Swing – This is my go to swing for comfort and flexibility.
Whipsmart Sex Swing – This is 2nd on my comfort scale, and I bring it because I add a swivel hook to it to make it a twisting swing. A lot better that way than a trinity 360.
– TLC Bondage Swing – Bondage swings have been a hot seller lately. The TLC and the Fetish are pretty much identical, but I like the TLC a little more, and it is usually the lower priced. So I have this with me just because it is currently a hot item lately.
Door Swings – Well I am not a fan of the door swings. Some people in our office love them. Well, not me. But I have a couple of door swings with me just because we need to spend more time researching door swings and developing content for them.
Wild Side Sex Swing – I have the Wild Side with me because I feel it is one of the most overlooked swings. It is in the price range of a Trinity by far superior in comfort. It is a dual hook swing and in the middle of the range for comfort and great for the price.