Top 6 Sex Swings

The Top 6 List

Here is a run down of the top 6 swings with some of the pros and cons. I definitely tend to favor comfort.

#6 – Trinity Sex Swing – Best for the price, but misses out on some comfort. This is a swing for those that are just toying with the idea of having a swing and not sure they want to spend the money.
#5 – Ouch Sex Swing – Very unique and pretty, but high on the price and very heavy. This is a great show piece. If you are into parties and want a swing to show off, this may be the one for you.
#4 – Bondage Swing – Add a little fun if you are into bondage play. For the adventurous. This is middle of the pack for comfort, but bondage is not always supposed to be the most comfortable sport.
#3 – Sex Slings – Sex Slings are top when it comes to comfort, but limit number of positions and require 4 mounting points. Slings are very popular with both the gay community and the disabled community.
#2 – Whipsmart Pleasure Sex Swing – Has great padding, but is very narrow which can be a downside for people with hips. This is one of the most comfortable swings.
#1 – Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing – Variable width so it can be wide and good padding. The price is at the higher end of the sex swing price range. This is also one of the most comfortable swings.

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“I do not believe that any extended time in the swing would be enjoyable without the head rest. I would consider this item a must.” ~ Derrick H.  1/21/2015
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trinity vibe sex swing, XR Brands

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Using the Fetish Bondage Swing

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