Top 6 Sex Swings

There are a lot of sex swings and I get asked a lot which is the best and why. Well here is my top 6 list for swings.

“I do not believe that any extended time in the swing would be enjoyable without the head rest. I would consider this item a must.” ~ Derrick H.  21/01/2015

#6 – Trinity Sex Swing – This swing is best for the price, but misses out on some comfort.
#5 – Ouch Sex Swing – Great unique swing, but high on the price and very heavy.
#4 – Bondage Swing – Add a little fun if you are into bondage play
#3 – Sex Slings – Slings are top when it comes to comfort, but limit number of positions and require 4 mounting points.
#2 – Whipsmart Pleasure Swing – This swing has great padding, but is very narrow which can be a downside for people with hips.
#1 – Screamer Dual Hook Swing – Variable width so it can be wide and good padding. The price is at the higher end of the swing price range.

Today’s Sex Swing Specials

  • Sex Swing - Dual Hook

    Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

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  • trinity vibe sex swing, XR Brands

    Trinity Sex Swing

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