Screamer Flexibility

Well this is not really a review of a product, but I wanted to take a minute to share with you why I like the Screamer brand swings. The key is FLEXIBILITY! – The Screamer Sex Swings are all made in pieces that are attached to large carabiners. This allows for the swing to be customized the way you want it to be. For example you can remove an extra strap if you want to sit on it so your partner can have rear entry. Rather than having the extra strap dangling between you, you just unhook it.

Another case of the flexibility is the handles and stirrups. If you are a legs over your head kind or girl and the stirrup straps do not adjust far enough up, you just unclip them and move it up higher.

The last great thing is the attachments. You can change attachments to make the swing do what you want. This is something that I love. I am very much in love with the squatting attachment.

For more, watch the video and see why these swings are awesome!

Awesome Door Swing Project for Apartments

So I just wanted to share this awesome idea I had for creating a door swing for apartments or other rentals where there is no way to screw a hook into the ceiling. In the past the only options you would have had was to go without a swing, use a swing stand that costs you about $300 or to use a door swing which makes you lose some positions options.

So to get around this all, go to Wal-mart and purchase a chin up bar for about $30 and convert it to work with a Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing and it will support up to about 250 pounds and work exactly like a ceiling mounted swing. This is one of the coolest things you can do to make your swing apartment friendly. Here is a short video on how I did it.

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing Review

I recently did a review on the Dual Hook Sex Swing from Screamer. I posted it on the product page, but also wanted to share it here in my blog. I think this is one of my top 3 favorite swings. You can watch the full review below, but here is a couple reasons to love it!

First, I love the dual hook idea just because I do not have to panic about the large stupid ass bar falling and knocking me on my head! Secondly, I love that you can clip and re-clip the handles and stirrups where ever you want. I tend to be a legs way up in the air kind of girl so it is nice to be able to just clip the stirrups in way near the ceiling!

Well here is the full review of the Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing. One of my favorites, and if you can live with 2 hooks in your ceiling, this is the swing I would go with.

Is 1 or 2 Hook Swing Better?

1-hook-or-2-hooks-300x200I have been asked a number of times on which type of sex swing to use… a 1 or 2 hook swing?

Well the like all important questions, the answer is it depends.

One type of swing is not better then the other, but they both have their advantages. Personally, I would recommend using a 2 hook swing whenever possible. There are a number of key advantages that the 2 hook swing has over the 1 hook version.

When you are using a 1 hook swing, there is usually a spreader bar that is used to set the width of a sex swing. On most swings this is about 20 inches wide. This width is fine for a lot of people, but for some people, especially those with wider or bonier hips, this may be very narrow. When you sit in this swing, it will squeeze your hips and put pressure making it a little less comfortable.

When you are using the 2 hook type of swing, you can set the hooks at the width that you prefer. This could be much wider like 30 or 36 inches. This will make the swing much more comfortable for a lot of people.

Another advantage of the 2 hook sex swings is the weight limit. By having 2 hooks rather then 1, you basically double the weight limit on your sex swing. Additionally, if you were to mount the swing incorrectly and it were to fail, the hooks would pull from the ceiling and you would fall, but you would not have the large metal spreader bar falling on you. The hooks are much smaller and would be off to the side of you and most likely fall harmlessly to the floor rather then hitting you directly with a 4 pound spreader bar.

So from a safety point of view, 2 hook swings are stronger and safer than their 1 hook versions.

One more significant difference is price. The 2 hook sex swings can be lower cost than the 1 hook versions because there is less hardware. While there are 2 chains and 2 hooks, there is no overhead spreader bar. So the cost can be significantly different.

But it is not 100% easy choice. 1 hook swings do have a few advantages. One major advantage is that there is only 1 hook. This means that you only need to screw 1 hook into your ceiling rather then 2. This is very important to some people and should be considered. Another advantage of the 1 hook swing is that it can be made into a spinning swing. You can not do this with a 2 hook swing. For me this is not that exciting of a feature, but for some people it is. Lastly, depending on the position you use your swing in, the spreader bar can make a good handle and is easy to hang onto. The spreader bars are only in swings that have 1 hook and not in those that have 2.

So both types of swings have advantages. In general for comfort, safety, and price, I would recommend a 2 hook swing whenever possible, but either may be good for your situation.