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The Pleasure Sex Swing – Cheetah Print


This is a great sex swing. The Pleasure Sex Swing by WhipSmart has great adjustment and is pretty comfortable. The overhead bar is is only 14 inches so this can cause a bit of pinching on the hips, but compared to most on the market this is a very comfortable sex swing.

You may also need…

    Heavy Duty Swing Spring - $15.00
    drawbar spring
    drawbar spring

    Heavy Duty Swing Spring




    The spring can not expand to the point of over extension. It has bars on each side that work like interconnecting fingers to press the bar together, not pull it apart.

    Our most recommended spring.

    Another benefit to a drawbar spring is that it has closed hoops at both ends. Many springs on the market have more of a hook. This closed hoop adds extras safety to your swing when in use and bouncing about.

    ** Please note: Most swings come with a spring. If not, the item will state that in the description. SCREAMER BRAND SWINGS HAVE HEAVY DUTY SPRINGS INCLUDED. Drawbar style safety spring with 350 pound weight limit.

    Universal Head Rest - $19.00
    Universtal Headrest
    Screamer Universal HeadresstUniverstal HeadrestSex Swing Headrest

    Universal Head Rest




    It has a fantastic range of adjustability and 2 ways to attach to the swing. First it comes with clips that can attach to metal hardware or to chain or it also comes with 2 webbing attachments for quick loops around the bar if that is more convenient for you.

    Make sure you add this to your cart today and get even more pure pleasure.
    Universal Sex Swing Headrest includes:

    Padded 4 inch headrest with adjustable webbing on each side along with 2 clips. Comes with a 2 webbing hoops allowing for attachment to any swing on the market.

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Product Description

The Pleasure Sex Swing’s primary Bar is pretty narrow, in fact the most narrow in the industry at 14 inches wide.
Most bars are 19-20 with a few being even wider at 22 inches.  Normally we would suggest this to be a drawback, but the design of this swing is such that the narrowness is only a minimal issue.  Overall, highly recommended.

The Pleasure Sex Swing in Cheetah:

Primary Strap Width: 1 3/4 Inch (Padded to 5 inches)
Overhead bar is 14″
Thickly padded primary seat an back strap
Stirrups**  The Pleasure Swing has coding on the front of the packaging in little stick figures. This packaging has images of male/female, male/male and female/female. It honestly doesn’t matter. This swing design comes in a few different prints (check our website) and some are marketed towards men/men, but they are the same, so if you are looking for another print, example: camo, check the site they sell it for the men.