Abby’s preferred ceiling mount option

One of most common questions is “how do I mount my swing?” Or people think that their swing should come with eye hooks. But really there are so many different ways to mount a swing, from an eye hook to an over the beam system to a stand and many more, it is impossible for a swing manufacturer to know your specific mounting needs. Plus, it is also to make sure your mounting system is your choice and your installation.

Over the years I have gotten great feedback from customers on mounting systems. My new favorite is a plate with a ring. Sometimes called “surface mounts” sometimes called “plate tie downs” or other things too! I have found them at Tractor Supply Company and hardware stores. At Lowes and Home Depot they are located near tie downs and tow

There are a few options:

The hook option:

This hook can be used say in a hallway on each wall with a Dual Hook style swing or using 4 (2 on each wall spaced about 50″ apart) for a sling.

This is great for limited bedroom space, apartments that have cement ceilings but framed walls and so forth. Make sure you are securing into a stud.

Then there is the O or D ring options:

These would be in the ceiling. Again making sure they are secure in a joist. These are also the perfect option to use when wanting to hide a sex swing hook. You just simply use a hollowed out smoke detector and remove it when you want to use the hook.

Why I love these style Sex Swing Hooks!

Basically, as far a mounting point in your ceiling, it is one of the strongest options you can have. Some of these style hooks hold upwards of 3,600 lbs. PER HOOK! WHAT…. That is like a car! The reason is that they have multiple points of attachment. Say the surface plate has 4 screws v’s a standard eye hook that only has one long screw. That eye hook, especially applied with downward force from a sex swing being used, is more likely to fail and pull out of the ceiling. Where as a surface plate has 4 screws and the pressure is on the center of the plate, placing the force and weight over 4 different points per mount. So if you have a dual hook you will have 8 different points of strength, this is substantial.

Remember, no matter how you mount your swing, always use a spring! It helps to remove some of the direct force on the mounting point.

~ Abby

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Sex Swing Basics

There are a lot of options when it comes to the world of sex swings and installation. But first the key is to find the right swing for you, later we will highlight different mounting options.

Sex swings can be broken down into three basic types with each type having several brands to choose from. The three basic types are the Sex Swing, the Sex Sling and the Door Swing.

Sex Swings are the most popular because they are the most versatile and allow for the most positions. They mount to your ceiling with 1 or 2 hooks and consist of a primary strap to sit on, a secondary strap for your back and stirrups. Some will also come with handles and you can add an optional headrest to any of them. We recommend a headrest for everyone.

Sex Slings are the most comfortable of the 3 basic types. These are great if comfort is required such as people with disabilities or people that will be using it for long periods such as in bondage play. The down fall of the sex slings is that they have less positions available and they require 4 mounting points which can be difficult in some situations.

Door Swings are a great option for traveling or renters since they are set up just by hooking it to the top of any standard door and closing it. The door swing is the cheapest option and it has more positions then the sling but less then the swing due to the limitation of being against the door. There are a lot of options between different brands such as what different straps they include.

For more information, check out our buyers guide to sex swings.

Sex Swing Spring Video

I know I have covered the Springs for sex swings a few times in my blog but it is just so important that I want to make sure everyone knows. I know people personally who have been hurt by sex swings for this very reason. I have seen a 100 pound girl break a stand that was rated for 300 pounds just by not using the spring.

So I created this video for YouTube to show people exactly what is happening. Some people like pain mixed in with their sex, but I am guessing that getting stitches in your head or breaking your back is not what they had in mind. So be safe!!!!!

If you need a stronger spring, check here.

Technically Speaking

To understand what is really going on here, we need to get a little more technical. If you want to get really really technical, you can check out this wikipedia link on damping.

Ok – that link was fun. Let me just explain it like this. When you get in a car accident, your airbag deploys and is designed to slow you down gradually rather then abruptly when you hit the steering wheel. This longer period of slowing down spreads the energy out and makes it hopefully hurt less.

Well this same force applies to pretty much everything that moves from your car to your washing machine to your sex swing. If you go inside your washing machine, you can grab the wash bin and shake it back and forth. It moves. There are springs in there to allow it to move for dampening. You can pull out your fridge and look underneath and find the motor, there are most likely springs or rubber pucks that act the same as springs, they add damping. This is in your car suspension as well. Most things that move have dampers…. this is the same reason your bicycle has rubber tires.

For a sex swing, the spring is the damper.

Hit the center of the joist!

Well there are a lot of sites out there that show you how to find a ceiling joist or a wall stud. This is important to installing a sex swing, but it is not everything. The fact is that we are not hanging curtains or a picture…. we are hanging a person. Last thing we want is to get hurt.

So in this video below, we look at this a little closer. Once you find your ceiling joist, it is extremely important not to just hit the joist, but hit the very center of the joist. If you hit off center of the ceiling joist or are not total square, the wood may split and make a very weak hold. Since the joist is behind drywall, you may not even be aware of this until it is too late and someone get hurt.

So below we show you our recommended procedure for drilling very small test holes to find the exact location of the joist so you can identify the center and then to quickly patch the extra holes so your ceiling does not look all messed up.

These extra couple steps are very much worth it if you want to use your sex swing safely.

Sex Swing Safety #1 – Spring

One of the most important safety items about sex swings is the spring. I am not going to get into a big physics talk, but I want to give you a quick lesson.

When you are driving in a car and you press on the brake and you stop slowly over a long distance, you feel very little force, however if you stop very very suddenly by slamming on your breaks and you stop over a short distance, you feel the yourself press forward and you feel the force of the seat belt on your chest.

This is from the rapid deceleration.

This is much the same thing that happens with a sex swing. If you bounce in a swing that has a spring, the spring has give and your downward motion slows to a stop over a few inches. If you have no spring, your downward motion comes to a near instant stop. This is referred to in physics as shock or impact force.

Without the spring, the impact force on the hook is many many times greater and can lead to damage to the hook mount in the joist or even break a free standing sex swing.

The interesting thing is that sex swings come with a spring and many of them recommend using the spring up to about 200 pounds and then not using the spring over this weight. Ironically, the heavier weights with no spring will have a much higher shock force then a lighter weight with no spring. So the heavy people need it even more.

So why is it this way? There are 2 reasons. First, at some point, some people stopped considering the physics of sex swings and started to think of the spring as just suspension for a little added “bounce”. Additionally, many of the springs that they provide with these swings have a weight limit of about 200 pounds. So therefore the spring would fail if you use it at a weight higher then 200 pounds…. they just forget the potential for joist or stand failure without the spring.

So my recommendation is to get a drawbar spring. We offer a sex swing spring on here that will support 300 pounds.

The good thing about the drawbar spring is it is designed with these bars in the middle that act like a fail safe mechanism in the even of overload. The spring will just compress all the way and old static basically like solid chain.

So no matter what you do, it is recommended strongly that you use the spring. If you are over the weight limit, make a trip to the store and purchase a spring and you will greatly increase your safety on your sex swing.

Hiding the Hook: Ceiling Light

One of the best places to hide your sex swing hook in your bedroom may be your light fixture. The main advantage of having your hook hidden in the light fixture of your bedroom is that it is located very near the center of your room and may be directly over your bed. This makes it an ideal location for using your swing.

Now before you consider this option for your swing hook, we need to see if this option is good for you. If you have a ceiling fan or a chandelier, this option is probably not for you. What you need is a light with a very large base. Something with a diameter in the range of 12”-20” at the base.

If you do not have a light like this, you can pick one up fairly cheap. I just picked up a new light for this article of about $16 at a local building store.

Lights are fairly easy to install, and there are instructions included with the light.

One of the nice things about installing your sex swing hook in the light is that it is easy to find the joist. If you are replacing the light, you will see an electrical box in your ceiling. This electrical box is almost always nailed into a ceiling joist. This makes it very easy to find where your ceiling joist is. Just look or stick a butter knife around the cut in the dry wall and see if you can identify where the joist is.

Once you have identified where joist is, find a location in the light where you can place the hook that hits the joist, but is also close enough to the center of the light so that the glass cover will fit over it. Most lights are not as deep near the edges, so you will need the hook closer to the center of the light to make sure the cover can go on. Depending on the configuration of your light, you may need to leave one light bulb out or maybe even remove one light bulb when you are using your swing.

Mark the spot on the inside of the light and then remove the light from the ceiling. Drill at ½ inch hole where the hook will go through the light. Do not do this on the ceiling because you want to make sure there are no wires behind where you are drilling the hole.

After you have drilled your hole in the light, reinstall the light and then install the hook. If the hook does not go in far enough to make the cover go on completely, then you may have to cut a larger hole in the light for the base of the hook to set further into the light. Please check this before you install the hook. Make sure the hook will fit. You do not want to install the hook and then find out it does not fit. Removing the hook and reinstalling the hook will make the hold weaker and increase the risk of injury when using your sex swing.

Additional note: When you are working with lights, make sure your power is disconnected at your fuse or circuit breaker box for your safety.

Once the hook is installed and the cover is on, nobody will ever suspect you have a sex swing hook installed in your room.