Abby’s preferred ceiling mount option

One of most common questions is “how do I mount my swing?” Or people think that their swing should come with eye hooks. But really there are so many different ways to mount a swing, from an eye hook to an over the beam system to a stand and many more, it is impossible for a swing manufacturer to know your specific mounting needs. Plus, it is also to make sure your mounting system is your choice and your installation.

Over the years I have gotten great feedback from customers on mounting systems. My new favorite is a plate with a ring. Sometimes called “surface mounts” sometimes called “plate tie downs” or other things too! I have found them at Tractor Supply Company and hardware stores. At Lowes and Home Depot they are located near tie downs and tow

There are a few options:

The hook option:

This hook can be used say in a hallway on each wall with a Dual Hook style swing or using 4 (2 on each wall spaced about 50″ apart) for a sling.

This is great for limited bedroom space, apartments that have cement ceilings but framed walls and so forth. Make sure you are securing into a stud.

Then there is the O or D ring options:

These would be in the ceiling. Again making sure they are secure in a joist. These are also the perfect option to use when wanting to hide a sex swing hook. You just simply use a hollowed out smoke detector and remove it when you want to use the hook.

Why I love these style Sex Swing Hooks!

Basically, as far a mounting point in your ceiling, it is one of the strongest options you can have. Some of these style hooks hold upwards of 3,600 lbs. PER HOOK! WHAT…. That is like a car! The reason is that they have multiple points of attachment. Say the surface plate has 4 screws v’s a standard eye hook that only has one long screw. That eye hook, especially applied with downward force from a sex swing being used, is more likely to fail and pull out of the ceiling. Where as a surface plate has 4 screws and the pressure is on the center of the plate, placing the force and weight over 4 different points per mount. So if you have a dual hook you will have 8 different points of strength, this is substantial.

Remember, no matter how you mount your swing, always use a spring! It helps to remove some of the direct force on the mounting point.

~ Abby

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