5 Best Places Ways to Install your Sex Swing

Where to hide the hook for your sex swing is always one of the first questions people ask when considering purchasing for a sex swing. There’s a lot of articles written on how to install to put your hook, such as our own sex swing installation guide. This post is not supposed to be a complete article of hook installation, but a basic guide to assist you in finding the best option for installation location.

First, there are 2 major choices for setting up your swing. It is possible to screw the mounting hook into your ceiling and try to conceal the hook to make it less obvious while you’re not making use of the swing, or get yourself a free-standing sex swing stand.

The sex swing stands are really a popular choice when you are in a rental property or when are not allowed screw into your ceiling, however they are not really peoples favorite option. Swing stands tend to be quite pricey as well as cumbersome within your room. They take up a lot of space. They’ve got setup and tear down time each time you would like to use your swing. Installing the swing hook in your ceiling provides for easier swing usage but it’s also very permanent.

If installing the hook in the ceiling, then everybody wants to find out how to hide the hook. Nobody wants the kids going to your house and seeing the hook and asking questions. There are a number of very good strategies to hide the hook when not in use.

A smoke detector may work as a perfect hook cover. Simply gut an old smoke detector and place it covering the swing hook. Some adjustments on the smoke detector casing may be required for example cutting a wider whole in the bottom of the housing, but this is a uncomplicated approach to conceal the hook. As a side note, many newer smoke alarms in which you load the batteries on the side do not have detachable covers and could not be well suited for this style of installation.

Door Jam installation is a very easy choice if you can work it in your room layout. In this option you’ll install the hook in your closet door frame where it will be hidden behind the doors when shut. The problem with this method is that you must have a big closet or at least a lot of room to be able to utilize the swing within the closet. More information on Door Jam Installation.

The light fixture is an ideal spot to disguise your hook if you prefer it close to the center of your bedroom or over your bed. To get this done you will need to install light fixture with a large base. Take off the glass light cover and mount the hook within the light bulb compartment. To disguise the hook when not making use of the swing, just position the light cover back in place. When doing work near lights, ensure you do not screw into wiring or break light bulbs. Talk to an expert for assistance. More information on Light Fixture Installation.

The last and most straightforward way for hiding your hook is by using your hook for hanging baskets, plants or other hanging objects. This is usually a really easy option, however, if installing a hook, you may not want to set it up too close to the walls because you will not have room to use your swing. If the hook is too far from the wall, it will look unusual to have a hanging pot in the middle of your bedroom.

Each option for installing your swing has its own disadvantages and benefits. Evaluate the options very carefully and enjoy your swing.